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Independent check engineer mission for the Abidjan metro project (Ivory Coast).

The independent check engineer mission aim was to double check and validating the following parts of the Preliminary Stage Design phase: Geotechnics, Earthworks, Reinforced walls (V-SOL patent), infrastructure Alignment, Construction Methods, Planning, Existing Roads connection. 

The project will cross Abidjan by linking Felix Houphouët-Boigny airport (south) to Anyama (north). 
The metro line is an electrified double track with 18 stations over a length of approximately 37 km. The presence of the existing railway line (parallel) on part of the route was a design constraint. 
The mission was carried out on behalf of SETEC International, based on funds from the French government.

Technical and administrative control on behalf of the Italian State on the works of Lot "Mules 2.3" of the Brenner Basis Tunnel (BBT) - Italy

Control of the compliance of the technical design and of the works with laws, contract and tenders documents (DCE), control of the variants design and of the payment documents. Supervision of the acceptance trials. Redaction of technical advices on the monthly progress reports of the works.



This project involves the construction of a network of tunnels and the 55 km base tunnel. It is a rail tunnel (twin tube at 70 m of distance) with bypass each 333 m under the Alps between Italy and Austria with high overburden. An exploratory tunnel, destined to assure adequate drainage to the main twin tunnels, is going to be excavated along the line, systematically in advance in comparison with the progress of the two main tunnels.

Mr. Caldini and Mr. Gambelli - Client: BBT

TBM Riyadh.jpg
Line n° 3 of the new Riyadh Metro network (KSA)

Project Manager of the Independent Checking Engineer of the Technical and Detailed Design. (2014)

Team composed of 3 engineers on the site and about 20 engineers in the home office in Rome in continuous interface with the Engineering Companies (IDOM and Ansaldo Sistemi) responsible of the Technical and the Detailed design, providing monthly reports to keep informed the Main Contractor (Salini- Ansaldo) and the Client (A.D.A. Ar Riyadh Development Agency).


Line 3, which underpasses the city center, is 42 km long and includes 7 km of single tube tunnel, excavated by tunnel boring machine 10.9 m of diameter. Construction company: Salini-Impregilo (Design-build contract for 6,3 Billion of USD).

Mr. Caldini for Italcertifer - Client: ADA ArRiyadh Development Agency

Preliminary Study of the new railway line called Saudi Landbridge (KSA)

Allignement Key Expert for the Preliminary Study of the HS railway line crossing Saudi Arabia from Jeddah on the Red Sea to Al Jubail (Arabian Gulf), including stations, depots and bridges (2014).

Team in continuous interface with the Engineering Italian back-office in Rome and the Client in Riyadh. Definition with the client of the design criteria at the beginning, then application of the agreed cinematic parameters and geometry principles to design the railway alignment  with Bentley SW.

The Landbridge project concerns a new HS railway line at 350 km/h over 1270 km of length to link the cities of Jeddah (Red Sea) with Riyadh and finally join Al Joubail (Arabian Gulf). This line will cross the "Mecca - Medina" line with the design of an important junction station.

Mr. Caldini for Italferr SpA - Client SAR Saudi Arabian Railways

Rail corridor IV rehabilitation project section Predeal – Brasov, Brasov – Simeria and Craiova – Calafat (Romania)

Project Management and Technical Coordination of the European project of rehabilitation at the level of Technical & Detailed Design including all the set of technological systems and electro-mechanical and ventilation devices according to the STI STR 2007. Coordination of geotechnical campaign. Line length: 450 km. (2008-2012).

Design of the 35 km "Predeal - Brasov" section includes new twin-tube tunnels TBM excavated to cross the Carpathians of 22.48 km total to link the Darste station with that one of Busteni.

Design of the rehabilitation section of the 107 km "Craiova - Calafat" section includes several variants, with new 6.36 km single tube tunnels, to be carried out using the traditional method.

Design of the "Brasov - Simeria" section of 298 km, includes several variants, with new tunnels for a total length of 16.29 km, of which two very long double pipe tunnels to be excavated by TBM - EPB: “Ormenis” with length of 6,2 Km and “Homorod” with length of 5,2 Km.

Mr. Caldini and Mr. Gambelli for Italferr SpA - Client: CFR Caile Ferate Romane (EU fund)

Technical and Administrative Assistance (AMO) to ANESRIF the Contracting Authority for the construction of the new Algerian rail network - DZ.

Responsible for the Track, Earthworks, Bridges and Tunnels sector of the AMO. Interface and coordination of contributions from the Italian back office.

Contribution to the redaction and delivery of the Design Manual. Validation of the technical design of Thenia - Tizi Ouzou, Mohammadia Bridge, Senia - Arzew, Bir Touta - Zeralda, Khemis - El Affroun, calculations, drawings and building method statements. Random site supervision, advice to the Project Directors (2009-2010).

Mr. Faustini for Italferr SpA - Client: ANESRIF

TBM Ruffillo.png
Tunnels and Underground Station of the railway line in Bologna (Italy).

Construction Management of the High Speed Bologna “Node”, since 2005 until 2007, managing a team of 12 FIDIC Engineers having the mission of the construction of the High Speed Urban Penetration through the Bologna “Node”. The total amount of the infrastructural investment has been about 1,7 billion €, and it was made by a set of construction contracts, among which three contracts deserve special highlighting:

  • The contract n° 5 having as subject the construction of the segment S. Ruffillo – High Speed Station from the progressive Km 0+000 to Km 7+375 including the double pipe single track tunnel with length 6,5 Km. (Contract awarded to the Joint Venture Necso/Acciona–Salini–Ghella for the total amount of 246.646.209 €);

  • The contract n° 8/a having as subject the construction by means of traditional excavation method of the double track tunnel with length 1,27 Km from the progressive Km 8+008 to Km 9+280. (Contract awarded to Condotte d’Acqua S.p.A. for the total amount of 80.577.534 €);

  • The contract n° 11 having as subject the construction of the new underground high speed station of Bologna from the chainage Km 7+375 to Km 8+008 by means of deep concrete bulkheads and the excavation of the huge volume of the underground station with the system bottom-up. (Contract awarded to Astaldi S.p.A. for the total amount of about 395.000.000 €).

AV AM.jpg

Mr. Mignini for ITALFERR SpA - Client: TAV spA 2004-2006

Singap AM.jpg

Mr. Mignini for LTA  1998-2002


Mr. Mignini for TRANSFIELD-BOUYGUES JV 1995-1998

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