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TBM tunnels

Kharkiv metro green line extension project (Ukraine).

The object of the project to extend the green bi-tube metro line, is to assist the Employer, represented by the company " Kharkivsky Metropoliten " which is also the operator of the city's metro network, with the following missions:

  • drafting of Specifications (Tenders)

  • assistance with the award of works contracts (Procurement),

  • VISA of design and then Works Supervision (PCM),

  • assistance in reception of works.

The extension covers 3.5 km of new allignement in a very unfavorable geology (clays, saturated sands) and weak overburden (6-11m). 2 stations are included in this project, where two tunnels of 2.2 km each will be excavated with a tunnel boring machine.

The activity of ICF, subcontracted by Egis International, concerns civil engineering, geotechnics, tunnel boring excavation and the MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) part including ventilation and fire-fighting systems.

An international team has been in place since December 2020. In addition to the difficulties of a project to be carried out in a highly urbanized environment, the adoption of local standards (DBN and GOST) and the use of the Ukrainian language, increase the challenge.

One of the studies carried out, initially not planned, concerned the risk analysis and the evaluation of surface settlements due to excavation work on unidentified buildings, including an indication of the prevention work to be taken.

Independent Check of geotechnical design for lot 2 of line 16 of the Grand Paris Express.

Assistance to SWS Engineering SARL for the Independent Check engineer (ICE) and validation of all deliverables (NOTES &PLANS) concerning geotechnical studies.

Validation of geotechnical programs and their results, Notes of geotechnical hypotheses, definition of soil investigation campaigns for gypsum risk.

Analysis Hypothesis Notes and Calculation Notes for TBMs.

Pont de Sèvres - Fort d'Issy. Lot T3A of the new metro Line 15 south. Grand Paris Express. FRANCE

Validation of the technical design for the TBM tunnel project from Pont de Sèvres to Fort d'Issy (4 Km) including 4 ventilation and emergency shafts. Validation of method statements and work procedures. Validation of diaphragm walls for the launching shaft at "Île de Monsieur" (2017-2018).

G3 mission monitoring and progress planning management , site supervision coordination, in particular about quality assurance, safety and environmental aspects.

4 km tunnel to be excavated by a TBM-EPB Herrenknecht with a diameter of 9.8 m. Main geology: gypsum. Contractors JV companies: BOUYGUES-SOLETANCHE BACHY-BESSAC.
Logistical difficulties due to the proximity with monuments like Sèvres Museum.

EOLE - Extension of the RER E suburban train line towards west. Paris. FRANCE.

AMO TUNNELS & UNDERGROUND STATIONS MANAGER (Technical and Administrative Assistance to the Client) for the EOLE project, underground section from Gare St. Lazare to Nanterre, and associated works.

Advice and technical support. Analysis of variants proposed by the Contractor. Progress Planning follow-up in interface with the Planning External Office (OPC), site follow-up in interface with the works Supervision JV, called MOE. (2017).

The underground works concern the underground "Haussmann Saint-Lazare Station" and the "Porte Maillot" Station. The work consists of a double pipe Tunnel bored with TBM to the East side and to the West side of the Defense underground Station, including the deep underground station under the CNIT (ancient building). The overall length of the tunnel is 8 km to be excavated partly by TBM-SPB with a diameter of 9.9 m (twin-tube) and partly by traditional method.

Construction of a new hydraulic network in Beirut (Lebanon)

Technical management of the Design Office and Site Operations for the Contractor.

24 km of hydraulic tunnel dug with 2 x Open Gripper CREG-WIRTH TBMs of 3.53 m 9 km of double tube of 1.4 m diam.

2x250 m deep shafts

1.3 km Drill & Blast for a siphon,

inlet / outlet structures and H&M works, chambers and wash-out.


Construction companies: Arab Contractor - Orascom group.

Construction of 2 road tunnels under the Suez Canal Port Said (Egypt)

Construction Manager in charge of the site supervision and project direction on site. Validation of the technical design, the method statements and the operational procedures. Variants design management, Client support for ​the strategic choices of the work phasing. Monitoring of the implementation of HSE procedures. Coordination of a site team of 8 people (2015).

Each road tunnel is 2.85 km long, to be excavated with a TBM-Slurry Herrenknecht with a diameter of 13 m. Prevailing geology: plastic clay in the upper stratigraphy, saturated sand in the lower one. Max depth -55 m below sea level.

2 deep bypasses treated with freezing. Presence of sulfates and salt.

Access shaft made in "peanuts shape" (100 m) made with diaphragm walls.

Logistical difficulties due to work in the desert area without electricity supply and water).

Construction companies: Arab Contractor - Orascom group.

Construction of the tunnels of the SABADELL Metro in Barcelona (Spain)

Supervision works management on site including validation of the technical design.

Contract and variants design management, support for the GISA Client.


A 6 km long tunnel, to be excavated by a TBM HK EPB Shield with a diameter of 6.8 m. Construction of 4 underground stations and a depot.

Implementation of soil treatments and monitoring management, inside the tunnel and on surface, to prevent buildings settlements.

Construction JV: Acciona-ACSA-COMSA-DAF Group.


Mr. Mignini for Amberg - Client: GISA

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