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Why us

The success of a project


We believe that the success of a project requires:


  1. Detailed analysis of the Client's explicit and implicit needs

  2. Sharing the assumptions and methods with the Client before starting the project

  3. Continuous monitoring of actions and joint evaluation of results until the end of the mission.


Beyond this important step, systematically implemented in our missions, we go further:


We undertake to transfer, during the entire project life, our technical know-how.

For this reason we offer a continuous presence of our Experts in the offices of our Clients if necessary.

A "one-to-one" connection between our Expert and his client-side project manager, by phone, email and physical presence.

First of all for a transparency matter. Due to engineering digital evolution, we no longer know who really develops the project, who writes down the documents and reports. We declare who does what and who liaise with the Client.

This ensures the sharing of our international know-how, beyond the contractual delivery of the agreed deliverables.

Besides, this method minimizes the risk of misunderstandings, sources of non-conformances and delays.


We are committed to work as a team (1 + 1 > 2)

This means that each Expert is constantly consulting with colleagues or Company's partners. The team adds value.

Each Expert is required to have his production revised and validated by a designated colleague (the Technical Director).

We emphasize that all the Experts have a very long experience on international projects (20 to 40 years).


We are committed, in the spirit of a true Partnership with our Clients, to guarantee results.

This means that we contractually execute any requested modification or integration at our charge.



Our strengths:


  • A strong ethics which imposes to implement solutions in the pure interest of our Client

  • A rigorous technical approach,  without forgetting the need for innovation

  • An approach based on the production of better quality and above all sustainable works

  • A solid know-how , the fruit of teamwork, based on our international experiences

  • The transfer of technical know-how that we provide to our Clients during the project development

  • Commitment to work with a small number of Clients , to keep our customised working style



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